Some of the buildings we have completed range from Commercial buildings such as Folders, Hunting and Fishing in North Park Kaitaia to a small family pumphouse in Pukenui. 

Our experienced carpenters  have worked together for over 20 years. We are proud of our building team who have built residential and commercial buildings and can help you design and navigate the FNDC.

Our concrete laying includes...

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We build homes with timber and steel framing, tilt slabs to meet fire rating or just a cool insulated look, mixing cedar and corrugated iron, we help with design and ensure you get the building that you are happy with. Type your paragraph here.

137 North  Road Kaitaia  0482 NZ

Whether you have a large or small building in mind​...

CONCRETE TILT SLABS      and/or           STEEL        and/or             WOOD    

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